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The Great Wall and....... THE GREAT WALL!

As we bet you've already guessed, there isn't much going on with the Chinese ski and snowboarding scene. It must be said however that the recent economic boom in China has led to numerous resorts popping up all over the Beijing area. Granted each of these "resorts" have at most four to five lifts targeting beginner and intermediate riding, the parks seem decent enough to warrant investigation. China actually holds some pretty awesome comps such as the Oakley Masters and the Red Bull Nanshan Open. Of course neither of us are anywhere close to entering these competitions, but that doesn't mean we can't try to hurt ourselves on the hits and in the pipe. Now, you are probably asking yourself, "If there is no real riding, then why even bother with a trip to China?" Well, amigos that is an easy answer. This is a journey of adventure and culture; what China lacks in powder and terrain it more than makes up for in the ladder. We've always wanted to see The Great Wall of China, so we traded in our fanny packs—as if we even owned any—and attached the voyage to a snowboard.

Nanshan and/or Shijinglong

With numerous resorts surrounding the Beijing area, we thought we'd stick to the ones where the competitions were held. There isn't too much to say about either of these resorts except that Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Mueller, and even Travis Rice made it a point to stop through. The runs are small, the snow is fabricated, and the tickets are cheap. It honestly sounds like we'll be riding the Poconos here in the States but with the Chinese as opposed to all of Jersey and Long Island. We're just stoked to ride and eat some Fried Scorpion; come on, who isn't? Check out Mellow Parks for more information on snowboarding in China.

Town Altitude: no stats
Highest Lift: 1875 m
Vertical Drop: no stats
KM of Pistes: 1318 m
Gondolas/Chairs: 3
Parks: 1
Halfpipe: 1
Cost: $

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