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The French Connection

Commonly referred to as Europe's snowboarding epicenter, with both the Pyrenees and Alps reaching up to the heavens, France has everything any snowboarder could ask for. From the steepest terrain in Europe to the highest mountain west of Russia, it is hard to find another destination in the world with so much to offer. The terrain in this country is unbelievable and the freeriding done here is second to none. Although avalanches and crevasses are a constant risk to skiers and snowboarders alike, it is absolutely irresistible for the rider in all of us to deny the pure beauty and challenge presented by this magnificent landscape. France can also brag about being the first European country to welcome snowboarders, and along with that honor comes the good and the bad. France's resorts range from old and outdated to brand new and out of this world. Regardless of the resort, wherever you choose to ride you will find amazing views, pristine pistes, and high prices. France is a must visit destination to all snowboarders that have the opportunity to take it.

Chamonix, France

When deciding on the resort to hit in France the decision to go to Chamonix was a no-brainer. With breathtaking views, unlimited freeriding terrain, steep and high pistes, and the buzzing atmosphere of the town, we would be crazy not to ride this resort. Although the town itself is a bustling scene with ice climbers, rock climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and snowboarders coming from all over the world, there is one common theme here between all of them; get to the mountain and hit it hard. With the glaciers, avalanche risk, and abundant crevasses scattered throughout the mountain range, Chamonix is without a doubt a dangerous scene. This aspect alone just might be the best selling point for the resort as we all attempt to beat the elements for just one day on our own epic adventures. On top of all that, where else can you start your day in France and shred your way to Switzerland or Italy?

Town Altitude: 1035 m
Highest Lift: 3842 m
Vertical Drop: 2807 m
KM of Pistes: 170 km
Gondolas/Chairs: 23
Parks: 0
Halfpipe: 0
Cost: $$

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