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Vodka.....It's not just for Breakfast Anymore!

Home of the Kalashnikov 47, arguably the world's best Vodka, and more importantly the highest resort in all of Europe, Russia will prove to have some of the sickest powder lines yet. Without a doubt, any American thinking of Russia cannot help but remember Sly Stallone's training montage in Rocky IV and Paulie falling over into nipple deep powder. Fortunately for riders everywhere, this isn't too far from the truth. Russia's vast, snowy peaks and immense cold will lay claim to great terrain for all levels of riding. As capitalism continues to rise in the Eastern Block, Russia is paving the way with fast lifts, accessible off-piste riding, and great apres. Why not wake up to a shot of Standard Vodka while preparing for an epic day of shredding the Russian slopes?

Krasnaya Polyana

When one talks about riding in Russia, Krasnaya Polyana or KP is often referred to as the number one place to go. With easy access from Moscow, our journey in Russia will start here. Touted as the most sophisticated ski and snowboard resort in all of Russia, KP will be the host of the Winter Olympics in 2014. Historically, the pristine conditions, the world-renown rescue team, and the who's-who among Soviet riders makes KP enticing to all riders alike. Unfortunately, the relatively small size of the resort in addition to the unpredictable snowfall leaves a bit to be desired. However, having started a massive expansion for the upcoming Olympics KP quite possible could be one of the world's finest resorts.

Highest Peak: 2238 m
Vertical Drop: 1458 m
Rideable Area: 250 arces
KM of Pistes: n/a
Gondolas/Chairs: 4
Parks: 0
Halfpipe: 0
Cost: $

Elbrus and Cheget

The quest for the world's great powder can only lead you to Russia's most dangerous resort. Located between the Black and Caspian seas near the Georgia boarder, Elbrus and Cheget is the highest resort in all of Europe reaching 5643 meters into the heavens. There is no way anyone can travel to Russia and pass up the chance to visit this free riding mecca! Known for their powder fields, unmarked terrain, dangerous crevasses, and steep technical off-piste, both Elbrus and Cheget scare many riders for the stakes are extremely high. As intermediate to advanced riders, we expect to be challenged here more than any other mountain in Europe. If the conditions are as epic as expected, a heli-drop is definitely in the making. Flown by ex-Soviet chopper pilots, heli-drops in Elbrus and Cheget are both affordable and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Town Altitude: 2340 m
Highest Lift: 3780 m
Vertical Drop: 1680 m
KM of Pistes: 35 km
Gondolas/Chairs: 8
Parks: 0
Halfpipe: 0
Cost: $

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