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Tostones and Tabletops

We end this epic journey here in Spain. Spain is not usually thought of as a snowboard destination, but with over 30 winter resorts in the country this perception is hardly a reality. With resorts as far south as on the edge of the Mediterranean, both surfing and snowboarding are an option for the same trip. Spain offers unlimited terrain options, from freeboarding epic lines to hitting some of the best terrain parks in the world, the possibilities are endless. Like Andorra, Spain has spent a considerable amount of money in the recent past upgrading their resorts and snowmaking ability. One huge benefit of boarding in Spain is the fact that their resorts are less crowded compared to the French and Austrian ones. This increases your chances of hitting that first line in the morning or finding some unmarked off-piste run. The local riders of Spain also pride themselves on their exceptional freestyle abilities. With their designer attire, gear, and high end tricks, there is no doubt that the locals take their adrenaline from the slopes to the town. Spain is no doubt a fantastic destination for nightlife, history, and the overall travel experience.

Baqueira-Beret, Spain

Regarded as the best resort in Spain, Baqueira is a must hit spot. As the trip winds down, we are just looking for snow and sunshine. The resort itself is located in the highest part of the Aran Valley in Northern Spain. The pistes are long and wide with scattered trees and the resort is divided into three different zones. Baqueira has held numerous snowboard competitions hosted by the International Snowboard Federation which backs up its claim as the best Spain has to offer. Due to its popularity there is no question that the nearby town of Val D'Aran is losing its claim as one of the last hidden gems of Europe. Truthfully, we are just stoked to eat some of the food and shred our last lines of the Winter Season....at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

Town Altitude: 1500 m
Highest Peak: 2510 m
Vertical Drop: 1100 m
Rideable Area: 4749 arces
KM of Pistes: 104 km
Gondolas/Chairs: 21
Parks: 1
Halfpipe: 0
Cost: $$

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